Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Are you Michael Foot in disguise ?

Oh dear.

Oh dear.

Good and Bad companies ?

Low priority for Council houses for the unemployed ( and of course, inevitably, single mothers ).

We're so sorry for [redefine you Labour failure here - so the real problem isn't admitted to and you can abolish the memory of it by tricking people into thinking something else happened - see flood gates of immigration, over spending, the debt disaster, failure to control the banks, the debasement of education standards etc etc - see Ed Balls for details ].

Oh dear.

Having to practice waving and walking "in human".

Oh dear.

Big brother leaves before little big brother's speech.

Oh dear.

Even the BBC lose the will to live during the great leader's speech and lose the feed.

Oh dear.

The star speech was by a naive, yet photogenic 16 year old who no one has told yet has been sold into debt slavery by the people behind him on the podium. ( update it gets worse as it turns out that young Rory might be ,, ummm, a bit of an actor shall we say. )

Oh dear.

He's not Neil Kinnock , he's Michael Foot in disguise ( without the back story ).

Oh dear.

Normally I'd try a quick Fisk of the leader's speech, but frankly what's the point in #RedEd's case.

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BilloTheWisp said...

Hmmmm Differentiating between good and bad companies.

How should we do this?

How about a Quango to inspect the group participation therapy sessions and to ensure the currently prescribed cultural/sexual/mental/ethnic/national quotas are met?

But then, one quango is not enough!

We need one for manufacturing,
One for services
One for Public bodies.
One for the Armed Services
One for Education
One for the NHS

But Oh My God! that is too many!

Who is going to Quango the Quangos?

We need another super Quango.

But this is a super Quango so we need another govt. minister with his own dept. to oversee this super Quango.

He will inevitably need a team, to inspect this super Quango. They will need rules.

So we need a standing committe to make rules for the Quango ruling the other Quangos.... (at al ad nauseum)

But in your heart of hearts my friend, you know it all makes sense. (not)