Friday, July 22, 2011

Who pays ?

The Greeks have had a slap up meal and there's just the small matter of the bill, which needs to be paid or else the Greeks can't come back tomorrow for a slap up meal ( which they would again like someone else to pay for ).

The EU has fudged the issue, but in the end its private individuals who get mugged. HerLinke are the candidates:

  • The slightly guilty: Those with links to banks, especially French banks. They were trying to make money out of the Greeks debt gluttony and so really should take the hit, but since they might not be able to stand it and the French shorty President will never get re-elected if they do other candidates are needed.
  • Gamble the little money that's left, and hope no one notices and black 31 comes up on the roulette wheel. ( The advantage here is you can deny there was ever a problem if you win - if you lose its all over, but then it might be anyway ) This is the approach favoured by most Euro-criminals and the ECB.
  • Make the taxpayer pay but confiscating their property with the full force of the law. The French like this idea, especially when it applies to the Germans and well anyone else but them and their banks ( and shorty President ).
  • If only there was some way of making the Brits pay ? Still working on this one, but Nick Clegg might have a few useful ideas.

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