Saturday, June 11, 2011

The DeadEd society swings into action

Those of us on the right have been going easy on #RedEd over the last few months,

Why ?

Because we realise the monumental mistake Labour has made in allowing another unelected leader ( if you ignore the Unions ), and specifically Ed Miliband to become leader.

The game has been not to rock the boat too much before Red Ed can become a two term leader of the opposition.

However it seems the Balirite wing of the Labour party don't intend to allow things to go on that long (shame that). The slow motion assassination of another Labour leader has started. The finger prints are unmistakable - the leak of the highly damning Ed Balls papers. ( Frankly those of us without scales in front of our eyes always knew Ed Balls for what he is now proven to be and didn't need any leaks to tell us. ) If this had been from Conservative sources it would have happened when it was too late to replace #RedEd before the next general election.

Now the Guardian and Observer are getting a whole raft of the "time is up for Red Ed" type articles, and his brother leadership acceptance speech ( which he didn't need thanks to the fraternicide ) has appeared in the Times ( aledgedly since the Times disappeared from the world a while ago into its own little bubble ). Labour members can read what leadership would have looked like by the brother that doesn't hand out blank bits of paper as policy ideas or apologies for the past.

Can Labour save themselves ?

Personally I hope not - I'd rather see an ongoing civil war with no clear victor. But its going to be entertaining anyway and they have bought this on themselves just as they have brought ruin on the heads of everyone in this country.

I will be getting my bowl of popcorn ready for the show ...

The TB GB's part II rated 18
(Those of a delusional left wing nature may find a lot of what's about to happen very upsetting - look away now Polly Toynbee .)

Update: This article by Dan Hodges is worth a read - I have to say very hopeful for those of us who dispise the waste and destruction that Labour governments always bring.

And for Sunday there's reports of the Ed vs David fraternicidal relationship.

The bad press is piling up - see Guido using the Dead Ed meme with his summary of Labour's car crash Sunday press.

The question is being asked how many years Labour are going to be in navel gazing mode for ( please let it be > 20 ! ).

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