Thursday, May 05, 2011

Tried to vote Yes, but could only vote No

I'be just been to the polling station. I walked in planning on voting Yes2AV, which might surprise you.

But my pencil hovered over the Yes box but my mind was filled with thoughts of the Lib Dems, The Rowntree trust, the Electoral reform society, and the likes of Chris Huhne and how much they want that result.

And you know what ? My heart wouldn't let me do it. The X went No.

My head argues about political parties taking their support for granted, but I just can't line up with the Lib Dems after their recent, and let's face it past, behaviour.

So that is that, as a soon to be rich man once said.

Which way did you vote ?
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Harry Hook said...

The thought of Eddie Izzard does it for me...

Techno Mystic said...

Still a few hours left but I am not intending to vote.

Thanks to the wonders of t'internet I already know that my council candidates are Lib/Lab/Con and Green only. None of those are acceptable.

I can't quite bring myself to vote for AV, but then I can't quite bring myself to vote for FPTP either.

So staying at home.

BilloTheWisp said...

I managed to get the X in the Yes box by thinking of John Reid and all the other ugly economy wreckers in the Labour party who so want a no vote.

marksany said...

I voted YES because AV will put more information into the system. The fact that more career politicians are NO camp helped me decide too.