Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Just possibly #RedEd might have a bit of a hangover on Friday also

We all know the script - Nick Clegg is going to get a kicking tomorrow.

Yes somehow, somewhere ( please let it not be Woking ) the Lib Dems will win something and Clegg will be down there like a shot to be surrounded by the LibDems Parrot of Freedom placards to declare victory and say he's really here to talk about the great Lib Dem performance in Warmington-on-Sea.

In the mean time the game of Lib Dem back stabbing will get into full flow.

But someone else may have a tiny whiny hangover on Friday also. Mr Ed Miliband stands to get thumped in Scotland and needs spectacular results elsewhere to compensate for the anticipated loss of the Yes 2 Lib Dems being in govt forever referendum.

We haven't heard much about Labour or the expectations from the MSM. Perhaps that's because things aren't going so well ...

... if that's the case then Mr Cameron may go to the country very soon...

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