Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The rediscovered conservative majority

The hangover is really starting to kick in for the left, as I suggested it might.

The Lib Dems have had a real temper tantrum at losing and having their dreamed of voting adjustment to favour them taken away.

Their council and regional government performance was dire. But the true thumping came from the AV referendum where they have lost in the most convincing manner possible.

Some are even starting to blame the AV referendum for getting out all the Tories to vote. ( Its never the Lib Dems fault you see. )

But the real long term damage is to those in Labour, the Guardian & BBC who believe in the progressive majority. In their trendy leftie London postcodes they fool themselves into thinking everyone agrees with them. They are denial of those who have a different view is fascist in its intensity - they are just written from their delusional existence.

But here's the thing - the UK's not progressive at all. Its conservative.

By that I don't mean right of centre, though much more of it is than those who sleep in Islington believe, but that it dislikes change, believes in families and respect and dislikes the progressive revolution that has been forced on them. ( So that will include at least half of those who normally vote Labour ).

This is the forgotten majority, who have just kicked the Guardinistas where it hurts. ( The Guardianistas will unfortunately not conclude that they are wrong but , like the EU, avoid ever asking the country again. )

The opportunity is now there for the Conservative party to make use of this conservative majority. Notice that many conservtaive pople turned out to vote when they thought it was important, so lets stop tilting at progressive windmills to tickle the BBC's world view and start a more robust espousal of conservative views and values.

That might mean its time to go for a general election to dump the back biting, double dealing, ill discipled and all round unpleasant Lib Dems.

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James Higham said...

Certainly if it was held now, the Tories would be in in their own right. Must be a temptation.