Friday, May 20, 2011

Blue Labour - another Damascene conversion with no flash of light

Here we go again....

Labour are unpopular. They have a 'structural deficit' in their supporter base and the AV referendum has made it clear to them that this is a problem.

Think of how unpopular and hated (politically - no doubt she's a fine person & a fun to be with ) Harriet Harman is for her progressive agenda.

Well the boys and girls in Labour have a new reality to introduce their flock to - Blue Labour. Turns out the country's conservative after all, and guess what ? So will Labour be.

#RedEd Miliband who only a few weeks ago was giving speeches about the progressive majority in the UK, now thinks the 180degr opposite and its forwarding a pdf file E-Books ( yes that's right- really trendy stuff - shows how hip and with it he is ) on Blue Labour. ( Somehow the University of Middelsex provided financial support for this exercise - which makes the mind boggle at what about word processing requires a University to prostitute itself and corrupt its impartiality that way ? )

But what's missing here is the road to Damascus conversion. You know the point when the leader of the Labour party realises in a flashing burst of light that he's been wrong all along and must now repent and get on with the opposite.

It was missing with Tony Blair and New Labour ( though Blair did at least thoughtfully try to invent a moment when he met Mondeo Man ), none of which explains the CND joining Labour party member who was in the Labour party through its most neolithic headbangingly stupid phase of the 1970's and 1980's.

And its missing for Ed Miliband ( like his loyalty to his brother, the name on his son's birth certificate and his failure to marry the mother of his children ).

The public are again going to be asked to suspend disbelief as we are told that Two legs bad, Four legs good really always excluded Pigs.

Its by the absence of this part of the journey - the convincing conversion - that we know its just Labour doing anything for votes. When they get back in they will carry on with their anti-family, anti-Male, anti-Business, hatred of marriage type policies that their middle class progressive leftie leadership really believe in. But for now they are willing to humour their bigoted woman and any other voters in exchange for a cross on a ballot paper.

Don't be fooled again.


Michele said...

Plus their almost conversion to the fact the English not only exist but actually want their own parliament.

It's a miracle, I tell you; and only the most cold hearted of you would doubt their sincerity!!!

Man in a Shed said...

Yes I read the article on Labour Uncut ( I think ) which told them to say England.

In this case I think they are onto something. It very simplistic to assume that if England returned to being a political entity that Conservatives would dominate for ever. As I heard said by the CEP what we would get is instead English politics. I for one think we're entitled to that.

Barnacle Bill said...

The MPs expenses scandal showed us what a bunch of immoral politicians we have nowadays.
All we're seeing with this "Blue Labour" scheme is the same immoral failures disparately looking for a way to con the sheeple into re-electing them.
They don't care about us, nor about the country they wish to govern; just power and the trappings that go with it.