Sunday, April 17, 2011

Where is the home for Thatcherites ?

There are two posts/articles recently that have made me ask this question:

    1) "At an ideological fork in the road" by Chris Palmer over at Independence Home
    This most compelling thing he said was that UKIP was a Conservative Liberal party, ( Conservative socially, Liberal economically ) whereas the Conservatives have become Liberal Conservatives ( a phase David Cameron has used. There plenty of socially liberal by old Tory Conservative economics behind that phrase. )

    2) "Cameron is taking us back to the feudal" by the wonderful Janet Daley on the Telegraph.

We have tolerated triangulation and appeasement of weak minded selfish Lib Dems, maybe on the argument that the "national interest" came first. Save the UK from the debt disaster Labour created and continues to deny was a top priority.

But I have to be honest I find the toying with social engineering, the failure to face economic facts, and the weak weak line taken on Europe as very trying indeed.

Clearly this message has got through to CCHQ and the leadership as we all now have a dog whistle ringing in our ears over immigration. The problem is words are cheap - we know the EU won't allow any effective action to be taken. Its just for show - and most of us aren't fools.

Not sure this can go on for much longer... I've mentioned this to a few Conservative people and most of them agree.

There going to be trouble ahead because those of us who are still Thatcherites are running out of patience ....


Sue said...

I'm a Thatcherite and the nearest I've found to my political beliefs is UKIP. I've always voted Conservative, right up until Cameron came along. That's over 30 years of my life.

James Higham said...

Someone within the party [Carswell?] must make the move and take the party back or else cut our losses and start again.

It won't happen though because they're politicians.