Saturday, April 23, 2011

Of interns and immigrants

It certainly looks like someone at CCHQ has just realised they have been taking the core vote for granted.

We've had the immigration dog whistle ( look I'm a Conservative - but its obvious what is going on here, especially as to do anything effective about it you'd need to a) Fire Vince Cable and the Lib Dems and b) be willing to actually stand up to the EU and European courts - and we all know this won't happen ).

Now David Cameron has made a virtue out of what may have been a necessary. ( Perhaps an unfriendly newspaper had the story about his getting an intern position for a neighbours child anyway ).

All this suggests to me that CCHQ may be waking up to the fact that all the talk of punishing the middle classes for their evil habit of not destroying their children's futures at the local comprehensive ( which they have already paid for ), but paying again out of taxed income to educate their children in an institution that still has some basic discipline in place, is losing the party large amounts of support.

Frankly I think they're a bit late. Maybe they've missed their moment altogether. I suspect many Conservatives will stay at home on May5th ( especially bad for the #No2AV crowd ) and yet more will vote UKIP in the privacy of the polling booth ( and if you do that why not #Yes2AV ).

Hence all the sudden rediscovering of Conservative principle we see reported in the media.

Well Conservatism isn't just for elections, its for government too, and David Cameron is running out of time and credit in which to show he understands this.

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