Tuesday, March 08, 2011

When are Labour going to stop point scoring and notice the dead bodies being stacked up by their best friend Gaddafi ?

Wee Dougie Alexander (WDA) is doing his best to save his job, after that disastrous Newsnight interview where he was defending Labour's choice of releasing the Locklerbie mass murder and cosying up to the Mad Dog of the Desert. ( I guess Ed Miliband can hardly criticise given his own personal close links via the LSE. )

So there's must crowing by Labour spin doctors and WDA.

In the mean time the tools of industrial killing are being turned on the people who wanted to free themselves in Libya, who are reported to be hiding behind human shields of the local population just for good measure.

What does WDA do ? Attack Britain's reputation and try to make a mistake on setting up communications with the rebels into a party political point to help his career and those of his grubby terrorist appeasing buddies.

Labour should just shut up. They have soiled themselves and the country's honour with their appeasement of Gaddafi, betrayal of Yvonne Fletcher and the people of that PanAm flight and Lockerbie, whilst hiding their own close links.

And now that something must be done Labour destruction of the UK economy with its burnt earth debt policy, created solely to get itself re-elected, has reduced the options that can be offered.

Other people are now making the decisions and WDA should get out of the way and go back under the rock from which he crawled out from under.

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