Friday, March 18, 2011

The West wakes up to Cameron & Sarkozy's arguments

Well this did look likely 24 hrs ago, but it seems the White-house has had a change of mind ( or does it just take a long time behind that oval office desk these days ). I can't help thinking this is more Hilary Clinton than Barrack Obama.

But still things are on and first priority will be to save the revolution from being snuffed out.

You would not want to be sitting in or near any Gaddafi controlled armed vehicles or artillery in a few hours. A point that won't be lost on the professional and mercenary element who are currently supporting Gaddafi.

What will Gaddafi do ? He probably needs to sit tight and wait for his next opportunity. If he's capable of doing that is the big question.

What will the UK Labour party do as it seems David Cameron's brave determination pay off against Labour's old friend Gaddafi who is now threatening to shoot down airliners over the Med ? Maybe they could promise to release anyone convicted of doing so on compassionate grounds.

Now does anyone have the grid reference for Mr al-Megrahi ?


Cascadian said...

That presupposes a lot MiaS.

Does France and UK have their subs prepositioned-doubt it, do they have adequate numbers of cruise missiles-doubt it, even if they do are they programmed-doubt it. Where are the EU equivalent of stealth bombers or smart bombs? They don't exist.

So they have a piece of paper and they are hoping they can convince the US to pick up the tab, as usual. That requires a decision from the Chief of the US Military, one Barack Obama recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, master of indecision - good luck with that.

I may well be proven to be wrong, but I would be amazed if the US gets involved (because if they were onside, action would already have occured), and if it is left to the UK and France it will be a debacle.

Of course one cruise missile into Gaddafi's vicinty might be persuasive, whatever happens Euroland has bought itself a future of terrorist instability. Well done Camoron.

Man in a Shed said...

@Cascadian - fair enough points.

My guess is some sort of deal has been done where the US has agreed to enable the operation if this time their allies carry the main burden.

After all Obama might be facing war against Iran and North Korea simultaneously shortly. Th US needs to keep some powder dry.

Man in a Shed said...

Just looking at the news the answer on number of missiles etc seems to be > 110.

Cascadian said...

Well,I'm amazed! The zero actually made a decision. Now there is no doubt that the US military can degrade Libya's air defence and attack capabilities very quickly. Once again the UN,EU and all the euro governments huffing and puffing amount to nothing, its US power that saves the day. It's what follows that is going to be Europes problem.

After the shock and awe in Iraq Al Queda quickly moved in and took advantage of the lawless situation. I see the same thing happening again but this time much, much closer to Europe. I would be amazed if Libya does not have a store of stinger type ground-to-air technology which could yet create havoc with the Euro no-fly-zone participants.

Beyond that I think Libya becomes just another third world hell-hole unless the "coalition" impose order-and I remain unconvinced that they can.

Camoron's temper tantrum is likely to cost europe billions in future energy costs, ever greater security costs and inconvenience, set-off a refugee and welfare problem as people flood into europe and bring the enemy closer to home. Job well done camoron.

I do however look forward to military action in Zimbabwe when he applies the same logic. BTW did you catch the news item that UK inflation now exceeds Zimbabwe rate of inflation!!