Thursday, March 31, 2011

Something is going on with Labour's economic truth denial policy

Apparently Ed Balls is almost about to admit that there might have been a tiny little itsy bitsy structural deficit, which could (just technically amongst less generous commentators mind you) have been considered to have happened whilst Labour were in power. ( Apparently its in the New Statesman somewhere ).

So Denial not working for the two Eds so well then ?

My guess is Labour have been stung by the torrent of abuse they have received for supporting the public sector dinosaurs and their rent a thug supporters on #march26.

I bet the private polling is in.

I bet they realise people have seen through their lies and deceit.

So we'll perhaps be getting a new position shortly.

They had better move quickly before Portugal really blows up and the public become even more incredulous of Labour Debt Denial policy.


Cascadian said...

The pigeons are coming home to roost, I think people are finally beginning to understand that continuously increasing expenditure on public services have not yielded the required results.

Now all we have to do is convince camoron.

Blogs like yours showing the national debt counter make the point far better than a thousand articles. I see each family now owes GBP39000. That is an understandable statement.

Wildgoose said...

We're all in it together.