Sunday, January 09, 2011

Required reading

I've been getting progressively disillusioned with The Economist, many of its articles seem to have crossed the rubicon into propagating a left of centre world view and evangelising it rather than the analysis and summary which was its key selling point.

But the article in this week edition on the public sector Unions is worth its weight in gold.

Everyone in the west who comes from the right of centre needs to read this article.

In short it explains the threat to the West that public sector Unions represent - and we need to do something about it.

Here are a few quotes - I highly recommend reading the whole thing !

"Unions have also made it almost impossible to sack incompetent workers."

"But public-sector unions are relentless in demanding more resources and more personnel, which conveniently translate into more members and more dues."

"Public-sector unions combine support for higher spending with vigorous opposition to more accountability. Almost everywhere they have demonised competition, transparency and flexible pay."

Given the severity of the debt crisis in the Wetsern world and the UK in partivcllar and the public sector fubnded camapigns about "cuts" - its important we see the bigger picture. We can afford the cancerous public sector failing to deliver and taking all the resources in our society. Its not the 'banks' that are the enemy its the public sector unions. Its our task to help the general public understand why this is true and why its vital that these unions are defeated and improvements in public services allowed to help reduce the debt burden we are selling our children's futures with.


James Higham said...

The Economist was always a bit suspect.

Bill Quango MP said...

Agree with JH. Economist has always been a bit lefty.

Not a problem. They are always smart enough to explain you need to create the wealth before deciding how best to spend it.