Thursday, January 06, 2011

Dead beat Ed tries to shift the blame by denial

#RedEd is repeating his theme (behind the Times paywall) that the massive national debt built up by Labour never happened. Yes despite the fact that we have reported examples of how Labour ran a structural deficit during the good times ( created by the good management of the previous Conservative govt I might add ) just for the tactical electoral advantage of being able to campaign on what the evil kitten murdering Tories would cut.

We would be in crisis without the bank problems - in fact in many ways the unsustainable debt bubble people like Brown used to fuel their own selfish personal ambition helped cause the banking crisis ( assisted by some of Bill Clinton's Democrats legacy in the US on mortgage lending policy ).

Labour is out to rewrite history and just straight lie to people faces - just as they did during the Brown and Blair years.

They, and in particular Red Ed, are debt deniers and liars.

For more details see here.

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