Friday, January 21, 2011

Questions about the sad events that have engulfed Alan Johnson

Beyond the double trajedy of the manner of the end of Alan Johnson's front bench political career and his personal pain there are some apolitical questions that the revelations in the press so far imply but aren't being asked.

  1. Did this affair between his police protection officer and Alan Johnson's wife start whilst he was still home secretary in the last government ?
  2. If so - was MI5 aware ? Clearly one of the most important men in the country was compromised and potentially black-mailable.
  3. How could this ever come about ? What sort of people are the Met putting on personal protection duty. Clearly they are not vetted correctly. When the Home Secretary is compromised so is the entire country. ( I assume the Home Secretary as well as his domestic security responsibilities is also high up in the chain of command for things like the release of nuclear weapons. )
It seems odd that more isn't yet made of these points.


Scrobs... said...

So why is the BBC making so much about Coulson, when the big story is about Johnson's wife shagging her copper mate when he had the finger on our national security?

What sort of security is that?

Man in a Shed said...

I think the scandal here is with the officials and police. I guess many people want to give Johnson some space - which is quite honourable and decent. But there are potentially issues of national importance to be answered.

I think we all know the Coulson Guardian/BBC witch hunt is really about hurting the Conservatives as much as its possible to do - and nothing to do with typing the default password into peoples mobile phone voicemail collection account "0000".

Anonymous said...

How was Johnson compromised? His wife was the one alleged to be having the affair. That's hardly a blackmail line is it - 'do as we tell you or we reveal that your protection officer and your wife are a bit too friendly.' I mean, John Profumo and Christine Keeler it ain't.

Man in a Shed said...

@doctorhuw: The threat of the revelation has been sufficient to get his resignation.

Also of course those who do this sort of thing don't ask for 'the nuclear launch codes' up front. They ask for a small favour, that will itself become part of the being compromised which can be used for greater things latter.

Remember as an Ex Home Sec Alan Johnson will know state secrets that he's expected to take to the grave with him.