Saturday, January 22, 2011

The BBC's leftwing mindset explained by Peter Sissons

Many of us go on and on about the political bias inherent in the BBC's output. ( And not just the news - everything from EastEnders to the Archers get the Guardian reader seal of approval. )

Well Peter Sissons is telling like it is over in the Daily Mail.

Its time someone woke up in the Coalition and started treating the BBC like the threat to democracy it really is.


Anonymous said...

You'd manage to find left-wing bias in a puddle. Surprise, surprise, another anti-BBC story from that upstanding and truthful organ, The Daily Mail. Isn't that the same publication that pays out more following libel actions than any others in the UK? If Sissons was so upset why did he stay there for 20 years? High-brow ITN is so marvellous isn't it? Oh wait a minute! isn't ITN part-owned by the Daily Mail & General Trust? If "No, not guitar, it's Qatar!" is the measure of its recent journalism then give me the "biased" BBC any day of the week. Oh, by the way, it's illegal for a UK broadcaster to be anything other than impartial but I can't remember when the BBC was last prosecuted. Neither can you, but that doesn't quite fit in with your pro-Murdoch / pro-Fox News agenda does it?

Man in a Shed said...

@Anon: Nice astro turfing, but not really on the puddle front. I've never complained about ITV - but the BBC is something else.

Its people are drawn from predominately from the left (maybe its all those adverts in the Guardian) and its captured by the leftwing group think.

It now admits it has been biased in the past - for example in failing to understand the Thatcher revolution due to left wing bias - Mark Thompson. But can't bring itself to admit the current situation. ( Which can be shown by the fact that there are 11 times more people who use the US term for leftwinger to describe their politics in the BBC than other - evidence here and here ).

It does things like re branding the recession "the downturn" and turning the debt crisis into the "credit crunch".

We have what amounts to campaigning on "cuts" over the last few months, but never on "debt".

Some of its view is corporatist since its a massive state funded corporation itself.

The BBC dominates and determines views. Since the BBC is institutional left wing that means our democracy is thrown out of balance.

The solution is to abolish the BBC or at least split it up. If you did that I predict all the howls on anguish would come from the left.

I'm not pro-Murdoch. But when I'm forced to pay for the broadcasting arm of the Guardian you can forgive me when I'd like to see other world views represented.

The idea of impartiality impossible to deliver anyway. Better to offer balance through real choice.

PS Not all BBC output is excessively left wing BBC Southern Counties Radio was okay ( now split up ) and R5L - punished by being moved to Manchester where they won't be able to meddle in politics any more.

Also note Peter Sissons is not the only BBC insider to point out the systemic bias in the BBC. The "Can we trust the BBC" book lifted the lid - but the BBC refused Robin Aitken a single interview.

Man in a Shed said...

Further anyone who wants to keep tags on the ongoing war against the left wing bias of the BBC should read the Biased BBC blog.

Charlie said...

Fantastic stuff. Man in a Shed

Woman on a Raft said...

I've been banging-on about the Archers because the killing of Nigel Pargetter is the symbolic killing of conservative England.

"The Archers" was the sop to the conservative (small 'c') audience, although the story lines and the premise of the show had been changed to 'modern issues in a rural setting'. The heck they were; it was straight Brookside.

If you wanted to know what the BBC thinks of conservative viewpoints and the conservative audience, the death-scream says it all.

James Higham said...

Yes, I was going to run with this today and then thought it was so well known anyway.

Anonymous said...

It's not about taking sides - ITN or BBC or other. Journalism is about seeking the truth. You all know that. How about working together to find it? Together you will accomplish much more.

Man in a Shed said...

@Anon - I'm afraid the BBC have up on the truth a long time ago. Its about editing the truth to fit their world view and pushing the agenda of their favoured political party. Hence the unbalanced camapign on cuts they are ruinning at the moment ( but none on the impact on future generation of the debt we are selfishly pilling up ).

The BBC is too bigoted to be allowed to continue.