Monday, January 17, 2011

The Nimrod mystery

One of the less commented on aspects of the defence review was the cancellation of Nimrod Mk4, even though its apparently almost finished. ( Compare this to the mass howling and gnashing of teeth over the Harriers being scrapped. )

It quite clear since the 1940's that the UK needs a maritime patrol aircraft. New Zealand has given up on most of its airforce, but kept the Orion patrol aircraft.

So why cancel something the UK so obviously needs just when its apparently ready to be rolled out ?

It doesn't add up ... unless there's more to the story than is be admitted to.

I think its a safe bet that within 10 years the RAF will be flying Orions also. But there something gone on here. Maybe its not the Nimrod AEW fiasco, but it seems to be in everyone's interests not to rock the boat on this one.

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