Tuesday, January 18, 2011

High inflation is govt policy - just not official policy

One of the key lessons of the Wiki leaks episode is there are open secrets that everyone except the voters knows.

Here's an obvious one - higher inflation is a deliberate policy to reduce UK wage costs and inflate away debt. Reducing the wage costs will bring the recovery closer as we have to work harder for our iPhone and flat screen 3-D TVs and actually sell the rest of the world something in return.

Inflation is also they way governments default on some of our societies debts.

But it all requires the pretence that it isn't happening.

That's now stretching credulity to breaking point..

Personally I'm against this policy as the greatest mistake I see the Conservative part of the current government making is not levelling with the general population about our true condition. We have instead gone for triangulation and slight of hand - and when the time comes to say "trust us there is no alternative" the credibility will be missing and we may fail as Ted Heath did.

The government needs to make an honest case, not carry out a policy in the hope no one will notice.

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( All MSM - anyone have any not MSM blog posts on this ? )

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