Sunday, January 30, 2011

Labour Live - BBC inbuilt bias continues

The above is from the BBC news web site front page Sunday 30th Jan. Each headline gives the left wing message which is old and unbalanced, but oh so typical for the bigots at the BBC.

So here we go again - 3 and a half days since PMQs - and the BBC still leads with it anti-Cameron headlines given it by Labour. A suitable picture to reinforce the left wing message is chosen.

The BBC are a direct threat to our democracy. Their inbuilt left wing bigotry a knife pressed at the heart of the country.

Its all cuts, cuts cuts and what will cuts be like in your area.

Has anyone seen the drama showing what life would be like for our children under the debt burden the left are planning ? A drama where life saving drugs can't be afforded because a selfish generation, cheered on by the BBC, spend all the money then and in the future. Don't hold your breath.

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Scrobs... said...

And who is their guru for finance?

Ed Balls! The prat who caused it all in the first place.