Saturday, May 01, 2010

Labour must now choose the manner of its passing

Even Tony Blair can't revive the Labour patient.

The Lefties are horrified. The first tanks can now be seen closing in on streets just a mile from the bunker. It quite clear the end will happen in days.

But for most of the Labour high command there will be no political tomorrow. Some will fall not just from office, but from their privileged positions as recipients of generous state money. Ed Balls has only just realised it could all be over on Thursday - unless he fancies looking after the children whilst Yvette goes to work.

Till last Thursday Gordon Brown has still been the Prime Minister, but now he and the Cabinet which gathered behind him at the Downing Street bunker for the election kick off, are already yesterdays men. People have started to jeer and mock.

Those who will try to continue the Labour party are now caught in the headlights of their coming destruction. Should they try to boast their share of the vote everywhere ( so that they can still claim some legitimacy and just maybe make common cause with the Lib Dems ) or should they collapse their front against the Lib Dems by calling for tactical voting and betray their own candidates and perhaps destroy the Labour party for good.

And lets not forget the Labour civil war that is less than 6 days from starting. Will the first moves be made on election night, or like with the local elections before the polls have closed ?

The choice for Labour is now how it wants to embrace defeat. Will it be better to hurt the country and strike at the Tories to keep the government weak, but perhaps destroy the Labour party for a generation with a tactical voting plan ? Or should they hold firm and accept defeat, but recognise where they finish in 2010 will be the starting point for the next elections and they need to give as little ground as possible ( after all do you think the Lib Dems are likely to give those voters back ? ).

I suspect this is the darkest weekend many Labour party members can even remember since John Major defeated Neil Kinnock.

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Bill Quango {MP} said...

You're wrong. Steiner is coming. You'll see. Steiner and Walther Wenck and then Gorodn will push the Yellows back to Moscow and the Blues back to London.

That or he and Sarah will shoot themselves.