Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The irony of events like #BigotGate and the Euro debt crisis

So some of Brown's personality has leaked out to the outside world, and an unfortunate life long Labour supporter has been humiliated by this weeks prime minister.

But in some ways Brown can count himself lucky. Focusing on what happening to countries with massive debts and structural deficits in Europe would have been perhaps even worse news for Labour.

But there is an underlying irony here also.

The idea that concern about levels immigration was being bigoted was the main theme the BBC/Guardian/Labour party used to smear the Conservative party with in 2005.

The other was the idea of savage cuts in public spending - remember Blair just managing to say that the slightly lower levels of planned Conservative spending were like sacking every teacher nurse and doctor in the country ( even he almost couldn't keep a straight face for it ).

Where are we today ? Having lost all control of the mass migration into our country and with debts that could at any minute sink us beneath the waves.

The irony today is as bad as the headlines are, they have made it a good day to bury bad economic news.

Looking to Greece, Portugal and now Spain its quite clear that the Irish did the right thing and faced up to their financial disaster, in the way the Conservatives are most likely to. The Labour approach is that of the Greek governments - lie to the people and the world. The Lib Dems are a mixture of the two - as always.

Coming one day before the economic debate between the leaders Brown will have been desperate to keep that news low down the running order. ( Along with the failure of the UK economy to grow and the record unemployment figures. )

But in many ways this is a day of what goes around comes around as chickens come home to roost after 5 years.

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