Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tax debt now !

There is an anomaly in our society. Savings are taxed, debt is not - and there are even tax relief available in certain circumstances ( though mortgage tax relief has gone ).

And now our society is drowning in debt - private and public.

House prices are a clear example of the destruction caused by debt which enslaves most of our population. We see rising house prices as good. The government makes money, the banks make money, the estate agents all make more money from rising process, but in the end the people are impoverished and enslaved.

Debt is a toxic drug which we have become addicted to and those who benefit from its manufacture and sale don't want to let us realise this - the Labour government is top of this list.

We need to recognise we have a problem and start doing something to reverse this trend.

Edmund Conway is right - taxing debt would be a start.

And I've mentioned this before in Jan 2009 My proposal for new taxes

and April 2008 Its really a Debt crisis

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