Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Just politics

Today's performance should make Labour supporters hang their heads in shame.

Brown cling to power, not in the country's interest, but just in his own.

The country needs to move ahead to address its now chronic problems with debt, but all Labour will do is try to win the next election by delay and at any cost.

And the cost is very very high.

The consequences of Brown's betrayal of the nation will take a few years to fully be felt ( a fact he is cynically relying upon ), but they will be toxic and deeply deeply damaging.

One man's ego and selfish desires have laid a once great nation low and sold its soul into debt slavery by deliberately feeding a habit of inefficient and unsustainable spending - solely because it makes good dividing lines to use as a election strategy to buy at great cost a few more years of the disreputable political careers of Labour politicians.

David Cameron is right to get angry - so should the rest of the nation.

That wasn't a budget it was just more political propaganda bought at the highest price with other peoples money.

Update As the Press saw it (H/T TimMontgomerie )

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