Thursday, March 25, 2010

Labour will cost more than any other govt - FACT

Labour plan to borrow more money to keep the unfunded spending going longer.

This means that they will have to cut more and/or tax more than a Conservative government.

It is also possible that this fiscal drag will result in even lower growth and higher borrowing costs.

Remember we are skating on thin ice right now - at any point it may give way and the country may be overcome by a Greek style crisis. Its just a matter of time and chance.

The prudent thing to do is to stop the mad borrowing sooner rather than latter. It has the advantage stopping damaging the real economy ( as opposed to the Guardian/Independent/BBC/Blanchflower special privileged world of public taxpayer funded plenty ).

Vote Labour and your will regret it for twenty years.


John M Ward said...

Absolutely right; but it's even worse than that. Those with children will be condemning them to a future of misery and payback if they don't do all they can to get Labour out.

What responsible parent would fail to do what's necessary in these dire circumstances?

Man in a Shed said...

I think Daniel Finkelstein has this right. Brown overspends and then threatens people by implying the Tories would cut more.

Its a sort of grand scale tragedy of the commons.

Labour are using their banking crisis as cover to bribe people with the idea of the state stealing from other people on their behalf.

And I hate to say it but its proving popular.