Tuesday, March 23, 2010

But what about the serving ministers ?

Labour damage control has swung into full action this morning. The ever helpful BBC has cooked up another scandal, which they probably had in their back pocket, which implicates MPs of all parties to help spread the heat.

Gordon Brown has taken the cowardly, yet for him completely predictable route, of ruling out an inquiry before he's even seen the evidence - or made any inquiries himself. ( This in itself is a massive scandal and shows all those Labour supporters who back Brown that they are linked with his amoral and disgusting sacrifice of the whole country for his narrow self interests and emotional needs. )

All this implies their is fire behind the smoke.

And the fire could be this;

Remember all these phone calls Byers and co made had people at the other end of them. Those people are serving Labour cabinet ministers.

The like of Mandelson are now developing selective amnesia - "I have no recollection of ..." - which is the classic way of denying the truth these days.

There are specific allegations here - times and place with defined outcomes.

This is the basis of an investigation - even the left wing BBC must see that.

But of course Labour and the BBC know they only have to last 24 ore hours before they bury the bodies under Gordon Browns last insult to the nation of his false a deceitful budget.

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