Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Equality and repression

The Pope has entered the debate on Labour's plans for a secular legally enforced religion with prosecution and imprisonment for those who commit heresy against the wisdom of Labour/ the BBC/ the Guardian. ( This is spun, just as blatantly, by the militant secularists who will tolerate no dissent on Equality legislation. )

I'm afraid from a UK point of you he's a bit late - before the vote in the house of Lords would have been better- but better late than never.

But will the Catholic Church recommend anyone-but-Labour for the general election ? Given Labour's enthusiasm for murdering unborn children who are viable human beings you would have thought that this line would already have been crossed.

Sadly as an Anglican, the Church of England's Bishops are almost invisible on this issue of the freedom of religion.

Anyway, a few corrections from what I've heard on the radio this morning.

The Church isn't worried about employing gays or anyone else. It is worried about appointing people who openly proclaim its teachings are wrong to positions of pastoral or doctrinal authority or whom represent the church. The Church better than many other knows that all have sinned and carry on doing so - its those who say this state doesn't matter or exist that worries it.

Now there are those who argue that the current Equality legislation doesn't force this. I heard a member of the hard line British Humanist association talking about just janitors etc. However, since he has no basis for being honest and fears no judgement I go with the advice of of Christian lawyers who warn it does.

What's happening here is the establishment of an arbitrary humanist morality backed by the terror of the state. Its the opposite of what those who have an open mind or a faith should want to see.

Arguments will be made in terms of rights of services etc but some of those people making those arguments have other agendas.

The bottom line is that any Christian or Muslim should think very long and hard before voting Labour.

Labour has become a rabidly anti-Christian organisation whose actions lead to the repression of Christians and needs to be recognised as such.

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