Thursday, November 05, 2009

RP: Politeia: Financial Journalists in Crisis: Did We Fail?

Politeia: Financial Journalists in Crisis: Did We Fail?

This is an interesting point ( go check the post ). I've seen indications that some people knew we were in toruble a long time before they reported it.

If the 4th estate doesn't work ( or gets fixed by the likes of New Labour ) then democracy lacks the oxygen of information and chokes.

Instead of pushing the capitalism failed meme perhaps we should pay more attention to why the dogs didn't bark ?

Update: See this from Ambrose Evans-Pritchard on Japan's coming financial apocalypse ( and remember this is the model Labour are following ).

He quotes Carl Weinberg from High Frequency Economics as saying "It is criminally negligent that rating agencies are not blowing the whistle on this."

So the credit agencies not functioning again - there's a pattern developing here ...., though journalists are perhaps doing better.

Remeber this is the path Labour are driving us down and why we must defeat them and sort the arguments about Europe out latter.

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