Friday, November 20, 2009

Policing is political because Labour and the chief constables have made it so

I have no time for the whining of Sir Hugh Orde about having to answer to the public for the service they pay for and require him to carry out.

The police have been massively politicised by New Labour and infiltrated by equality groups and more sinister organisations like Common Purpose.

The constabulary are now the shock troops who knock on old ladies door to accuse them of hate crimes for writing letters to the council complaining about the morality of some public displays certain lobbies insist in rubbing everyone's noses in.

Labour have politicised the police with their targets and reporting. The Diversity industry is also a political project.

Like many people I cheered as Boris saw off Sir Iain Blair (Labour's favourite policeman with very string of New Labour links ) and would like to see the police respond to the public, not the jumped up student politicians who have spent their lives creating artificial crimes to oppress and avenge themselves on the middle classes with. ( Which in most of their cases is really a case of self hatred which they should get psychiatric help with. )

In many ways the fact Sit Hugh Orde doesn't like Conservative plans for elected sheriffs shows what a great idea they are. If loads of Chief Constables want to resign like Sir Iain Blair did - then I think there will be far more cheering from the public than any other reaction.


Fausty said...

Orde and his ilk don't want their records scrutinised - which would undoubtedly happen were they to stand for election!

Man in a Shed said...

I think the proposal is not to elect the Chief Constable, but his civilian boss.

So the elected official would undertake the role of the police authority, but not have operational control.

Either way its unlikely the general public will be keen on the Diversity awareness guff and community cohesion political activity of the police.

Wildgoose said...

Absolutely, let them resign - and good riddance!