Saturday, November 21, 2009

Man made #climategate scandal warming up !

Apparently the Climate Research Unit has recently been hacked and data from emails etc is now swarming over the internet in a way that police states find very annoyingly hard to control.

The user friendly summary starts here from James Delingpole, who sees this on a par with the recent UK scandal on MPs expenses.

A summary blog post is available from The Reference Frame blog here, who has a list of MSM outlets carrying the story, blogs and other sites addressing it and even links to the original data. Looks like a good starting point for some research if your interested.

What's up with That are of course on it also.

( How long before it turns up on Wikileaks  ).

The damage limitation squad is out in force.

Lest convincing attempt at this is the refusal to confirm content by the Climate Research Unit (CRU ).
As you become more political the denials get more absolutist with govt advisers and officers starting the all science agree's man made climate change a fact ManBearPig rant.

The best counter strike I've seen is from Green Peace who have a real go at the "Nothing happening here" "move along now " ploy by suggesting its all internet obsessive stuff and even David Icke drives web traffic ( a nice touch Greeno's you get spin of the day award).

A more sane, by which I mean appealing to reason, pro-Warmist commentary is available at Real Climate here.

No doubt there will be some serious analysis and cross referencing of the data going on right now so it will be interesting to see where this story leads.

Expect a lot of smoke and spin from the Warmist religious cult, but they could really have been caught out this time. Or alternatively a closer inspection of the arguments by making everything more open could convince sceptics.

Personally I'm very sceptical. The geological records seem to argue against man made global warming, and as for computer modelling - its what I do for a living and I have near zero confidence in scientists capabilities of getting this anywhere near right. (Interesting and a few fun papers and conferences somewhere warm and nice - yes - reliable no. )

Update: There are allegations about illegal purging of data to avoid freedom of information requests being made, reported on Rush Limbaugh's site. If proven this would be very, very serious indeed.

Further update: This story kicked of at The Air Vent blog here - who was contacted by the hacker(s) with a link to the original Russian ftp site where a selection of the hacked data was uploaded. ( Its perhaps interesting to speculate why the other data has been kept back - to verify the information perhaps, or to use as a counter to spin operations to try to cover this up perhaps ?)

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