Saturday, November 07, 2009

Just how desperate is Brown now getting ?

Gordon brown's last minute gate crashing of the G20 Finance Minister meeting (and you have to feel sorry for Alistair Darling at this point) has shown how badly he's really regarded in the world.

But I wonder what sort of advice he's getting. Surely you sound out an idea privately before standing up and inviting yourself to an international meeting then giving a speech to suggest an idea ? Did no civil servants check out the likely US or other major nations response ? Or was the advice ignored or perhaps more likely never sought as Brown no longer cares how about our country's reputation as long as he gets his few minutes in the news ?

I suspect the truth is Brown has given up on running the country for its own good ( and I'm not the only one ) and is now just desperate for any sort of publicity that associates himself with his G20 saving the world meme he tried to get going a few months ago before that embarrassing slip of the tongue in the commons.

There are rumours that Labour will now have to go to the country before the next budget as the actual figures and plans will be too awful to fight an election on - as they have to make the cuts they have been borrowing mind blowingly large sums of money to avoid making for a few months.

It looks to me like the government is now becoming unable to function. Things are getting very serious. The time may be coming when individual Labour MPs and even civil servants will need to put the country before their careers to stop the wrecking and chaos of the last days of the Gordon Brown regime.

Remember we all have to live in the country after June - except perhaps Blair and Miliband.


Barking Spider said...

That election can't come soon enough, MiaS - the man is an international laughing stock as well as being the most dangerous, traitorous PM we have ever had..

sobers said...

It is interesting that there must be a budget before the likely date for an election (in May). Because Labour will face a dilemma. QE is currently paying for about a third of govt expenditure, and the deficit is predicted(by independent observers) to be circa £200bn for 09/10, £25bn higher than Darling said in March 09. There is a November pre-budget statement due when he will have to revisit his previous prediction.

If he merely repeats his £175bn figure this could spook the markets, who might get the impression he was playing fast and loose with the nation's finances for party gain. Equally if he admits that the deficit has worsened AGAIN since March they may get spooked by that also.

Either way the chances of a bond buyers strike/sterling crisis increase. Which is exactly what Labour a desperate to avoid before an election. If they can stagger over the finishing line without having called in the IMF, any subsequent crisis or emergency spending cuts/tax rises can be blamed on the 'Nasty Tories'.

wildgoose said...

No surprise here. I have been consistently predicting that he will call an election before the next budget - the figures will be horrible and he'd rather pass that poisoned chalice on.

Demetrius said...

I have called Gordon "The Red Shadow", I think it about sums him up at present.