Friday, November 13, 2009

Brown does not seem sincere on immigration

I heard some of Gordon Brown's speech on Immigration and frankly I wasn't buying it.

My guess is that internal polling from the Labour East bye-election showed Brown the BNP was making a break through and he decided to try to shore things up a bit.

I keep banging on about Labour's smears from the 2005 general election , but its worth remembering them again. They were:

1) A Conservative govt would fire every Nurse and Doctor and Teacher because the evil kitten drowning Tories would CUT CUT CUT 'investment' in public services.
2) Its a bit racist to talk about immigration - so the Tories must be "Same old Tories" who are racists for talking about having a single boarder police force and upper limit on immigration.

We now know that reducing the rate of increase in public spending in 2005 was "the right thing to do" ( as Brown would prefix any of his assertions, usually without justification ). The country would be in a far better place had this Conservative plan been followed, but instead Brown had is "dividing lines" and personal career to advance and if that meant bankrupting the country then it was a small price to pay for his ego.

Point 2 Brown is now trying to back away from. He introduced a new set of uniforms to create a half hearted Border Protection agency and is now trying to argue that his old smear doesn't count when he talk about racism. ( The Conservatives are so stung by the racist smear technique that even now some think Labour raising the issue is just an attempt to tempt the Tories back into talking about Immigration so they can play the same smear game again ).

We were told at the time that these were Brown's master strokes running the campaign, when Tony "soon to be stabbed in the back by Brown's friends" Blair was out campaigning.

Now Brown wants to tell us he's changed, just when his plan has started losing him votes. We know know the truth was that Labour opened the flood gates of immigration for political purposes to kill English culture and replace it with their multi-cultural dream and left wing voting clients ( another plan that has misfired spectacularly by the way ).

Brown doesn't deserve the benefit of the doubt on this - he represents the worse of a politics, spin and straight lies in UK politics.


Letters From A Tory said...

Gordon Brown will never appear sincere about immigration if he waits until the BNP are on the march before he even bothers to make a speech about it.

James Higham said...

I just love your soft heading. Does not seem? :)

ContraTory said...

A common meme that has emerged in the Mainstream Media is that the BNP is doing well because all the political parties ignored the issue of excessive, uncontrolled immigration. In the lead up to the 2005 General Election the Conservatives did try to raise the issue, but were attacked immediately by the triumvirate of Labour, the Liberal Democrats and the Mainstream, particularly Broadcast Media. The Media's "We are all guilty!" is an utterly dishonest mantra.