Friday, October 02, 2009

Watch David Starkey - Man on fire

I got back from an evening's trip out to a school open evening ( more on which later ) to see Question Time just starting. Like watching footballers come out you look at the line up.

Ben Bradshaw - Labour loyalist, but usually a safe pair of hands.
Somebody sitting next to him I haven't heard of ( Dambisa Moyo ) - who surprises with measured comments and intelligence - only beacuse sitting next to Ben Bradshaw I assume she'd been added as another leftie.
Chat show Charlie - who is always happiest laying into the Tories
Tereasa May ( oh no - why do the BBC keep wheeling here out, oh hold on I understand ).
David Starkey (Standard issue slightly mad conservative to remind the audience, I imagine the BBC editors thinking, what a Tory administration would really be like.)

But hold on one minute - David Starkey caught the mood. ( Even though as ever the audience was packed with the usual Socialist Worker Green revolutionary over Tattooed stereo types ).

Surely they will tire of his habit of taking far too much time to answer the question I thought ? But not tonight - the public wants blood and David Starkey is just the man to make sure its Labour's and Ben Bradshaw's they're going to get.

It was a tour de force and well worth watching again here.

He accuses the Gordon Brown of having a childish temper, No 10 of being all about spin and lies and being just straight unbelievable ( about 17 mins in ) and it just gets better.

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captainff said...

There seemed to be a feeling amongst the crowd on the liveblog I was entertained by that Bradshaw kept on trying to peek at Moyo's breasts .. .. ..

I found it funny that the three weakest guests last night were the politicians.