Thursday, September 10, 2009

If Brown is shown not to be medically fit for office then none of his cabinet are either

The rumours about the possibility that Gordon Brown may be on anti depressants are now all over the blogsphere and making the cross over into the MSM very soon. ( H/T to John Ward who spotted the question about the PM's health ).

If the worse is shown to be true then we must have some sympathy for Mr Brown, but insist he leaves office now.

But it would also show that his Cabinet have hid a vital truth that has put us all in a very real and present danger just for the sake of their careers and party interests. If so then none of them would be fit for high office ever again ( and this most certainly includes the Miliband brothers ).

Its time to quash the rumour or face up to the truth.


JPT said...

He should stop taking the anti depressents then he may get rid of that bloody stupid grin of his - and realise how he makes the rest of us feel.

James Higham said...

This will be treated the same way Obama's birth was treated - swept under the carpet.