Thursday, September 10, 2009

Draining the BBC swamp

Listening to the radio yesterday lunch time I heard some fellow from the BBC Trust trying to tell an interviewer how the public would rather be given their money back than to allow the sacred BBC licence fee to go to other organisations. ( To get the full dose of arrogance you need to listen to the programme ).

Today we here the BBC thinks it might have to do less - but James Murdoch is very wrong to say the BBC makes life impossible for other and anyway isn't Sky a near monopoly anyway.

What I see happening hear is right from the New Labour ( the BBC's soul mate ) play book. Change can no longer be stonewalled any more. They now know that their beloved Labour party may be forced from power soon and its Conservative likely replacement has a large number of scores to settle for the way the BBC has campaigned against it and its world view.

Their solution ?

Declare you are for change yourself. Have lots of consultations, focus groups and opinion polls showing that the public is on your side followed ( and this is yet to come ) by threatening to get rid of very popular things that they know there will be a public outcry against - local councils do this when told to make cuts by councillors - rather than making those cuts they say no Christmas lights this year until the councillors relent.

The BBC and Guardian sustain the careers of those damaged individuals who will go on to become the next cheerleaders and actual participants in socialist politics.

Its time to drain the Guardianista's swamp - or at least make them pay for their own.

Scrap the BBC - vastly reduce the licence fee to just technical support levels. Yes everyone will protest for 6 months and then they'll get over it and left wing propaganda funded by taxation will be off the airways.

Thats my opening suggstion for reform.

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Wyrdtimes said...

It should be split up like the rest of Britain - I'd have no objection to an EBC putting the (vast majority) English license fee payer first instead of last as is the case at the moment.