Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Fighting talk from councillor Melanie Whitehand

What to do when the local Lib Dem starts peddling lines you think are untrue ? ( And lets face it a lot of people have this problem. )

Go the the bottom of the Woking Conservatives Web Site to see Councillor Melanie Whitehand giving her opponent both barrels.

Why do Lib Dems do it ? Don't they have any self respect or shame ?

Is this the case all over the country or just in Woking ? How many people have they mislead ? Why would anyone think this was an acceptable way to carry out politics ?

PS Since its clearly open season on Fib Dems here's more of Melanie's handy work.

Further There was a time when local Conservatives just thought the Lib Dems would be found out eventually, but as we know from other campaigns a lie travels a long way before the truth gets out of the door. If this type of politics continues then rapid rebuttal is going to become a regular feature.

I don't think the public really likes this style of politics and it would be much better if all sides could agree to put their case forward clearly and let the voters decide. But equally allowing the Fib Dems a free hand is not an option any more.

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John M Ward said...

Oh, I've had to deal with such LibDem stuff myself over the years, and have done so on my old Councillor website on occasion, usually in my then monthly "Jottings" column.

The only way to tackle them is with hard facts backed up by official documentation (where available) and other means, and I specialised in that myself.

If we all do that, it'll eventually ensure that there is no longer any point in their continuing as it will by then consistently do themselves more harm than good.

I look forward to that day!