Saturday, July 25, 2009

Chloe Smith may be wonderful - but I'd like to see less of candidates like her

Just back from a few days in Liverpool ( a city that keeps getting better - and has some of the strongest character of anywhere in the UK - if you've never been then you should go ). So let me try to catch up a little on Norwich North.

First let me congratulate Chloe Smith and the activists who pulled of an impressive victory in Norwich yesterday.

I don't know Chloe Smith - but her CV worries me.

She appears to have no professional qualifications except the career politics ones.

I'm going to rain on her parade and say we need new candidate who are very different from her.

The craze for look alike representation must surely be running into the buffers of the needs to be represented by experienced and capable people. we are after all planning on governing - not just winning elections by persuading the public we have a full deck of token representatives.

We can either have people who are representative in the looks and background or we can have effective government. The odds are we can't have both.

PS Right that's it - enough of what passes in my mind as sense ( many will disagree no doubt ) its time for the silliness to begin ....


Giles Smedley said...

The people cry "no career politicians", and we get a career politician.

If she's turfed out at the general election (a possibility) she should get some real work experience before re-entering Parliament. She should find getting a seat easier in the future now that she's proved herself on that score.

Letters From A Tory said...

Chloe is a local girl who grew up in Norwich, which is a bonus as I'd like to see more local candidates.

However, she has spent almost her whole career in politics / consultancy work. While this is in itself is not a disaster, too many MPs with this sort of background would be a disaster. I think we should be trying to attract far more people from public service backgrounds instead.

North Northwester said...

Mister Cameron's talk about opening up The List to many new kinds of people just after the moats and duckhouses thing seems to be lining someone's kitty-litter these days.

But yeah, someone born in the same county - and who remembers what a county is might just help.