Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Brown's desperate interview with Nick Robinson

Every time it really starts to fall apart for Brown he phones up the BBC and gets a reporter over to do help get the message that is laughed out of court in parliament. At the 10pm news we had Nick Robinson asking the questions and Brown producing his usual smoke screen of obscurification and incredible answers (BBC post on this is available here - Nick Robinson did mange to get him to almost admit that cuts may happen ).

Having made the zero % increase gaff in PMQs he will have been desperate to divert attention. Such is the dishonest art of Labour spin doctoring and its obsession with news control and deceit of the electorate.

Brown still will not admit that the governments own figures indicate considerable cuts in departmental spending hiding behind the dishonourable fallacy that who knows the future ? Yet at the same time he smears his opponents by claiming he knows their policies with certainty - even when he doesn't know his own government's circumstances.

This man is just unfit for office. If he doesn't know that then its because he's deluded.

Is there nobody in the Labour party willing to put country before their career or fear of the No10 smear machine to save our country ?

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