Tuesday, June 09, 2009

What the Euro elections tell us

  1. The EU is pretty unpopular and getting more so.
  2. Labour's core vote is collapsing, staying at home or voting BNP.
  3. The Conservatives have weathered to expenses/allowances issue as a party so far ( the impact on individual MPs may however be more extreme ).
  4. UKIP could keep Labour and Lib Dem MPs in their seats in a few cases.
  5. These elections don't tell us very much about the behaviour of the only interested in politics and vote at general election time butterfly swing voters - which is a shame as they are the ones who effectively choose the government of our country by their impact in marginals. I suspect these people are very different from the people who left Labour to vote National Socialist BNP.
OK its late now, I'm off to bed.

I'm disappointed that Brown has been allowed to disgrace our country as PM for a few more months as he will do more lasting damage in that time. However from the point of view of the Conservatives its good news.

As I blogged earlier Labour had the opportunity of a dream set of events to control the media agenda and bury its mistakes and they fluffed it.

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