Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Unionist case for an English Parliament

A bit busy today, but let me recommend the article by Andrew Morrison over on Conservative Home who moves towards making a Scottish Unionist argument for an English Parliament.

I think this is an important point, and not addressing it potentially one of the greatest mistakes we may make if we win power at the next general election.

My comment to the article is repeated below:

    Andrew - I think your article has a number of key insights and provides a warning to an incoming Conservative government.

    The Unionist argument for an English Parliament is not heard often enough. It provides equality of respect between the home nations and a sense of natural justice.

    It also removes one of the key drivers for the breakup of the UK which is the assumption that the now devolved administrations are different from the normal state.

    The trap David Cameron is currently walking into is that of again sacrificing English interests to appease Scotland. It will fail on two levels - first the injustice to the English and second the insult to the Scots who sense they are being bought off by someone who is willing to sell his own nation short.

    There is a great opportunity for the Conservatives to engage in UK wide constitutional reform, and establishing federal home nation parliaments should be part of that reform. And that means an English Parliament.

    It will certainly be better than waiting for the next socialist administration to try its hand, as they will be far more vindictive due to their natural conceit about knowing what's good for people.


Fausty said...

Is it really a trap that Cameron is walking into, or does he secretly go along with the regionalisation and eventual annihilation of England?

A few years ago, I was prepared to suspend skepticism in favour of hope - prepared to give Cameron a chance. But his fence-sitting on the Lisbon issue has made me think again. I am reminded that he is of Scottish descent, like so many of our 'masters'.

James Higham said...

One sympathiser is worth a thousand party men.

Stephen Gash said...

Never trust a Tory, especially on everything.

Elby the Beserk said...

Slightly off topic, hope you don't mind!

Bill to imprison MPs who lie