Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The phoney recession is nearly over for the public sector

A major financial earth quake has occurred with those in the private sector losing the jobs, large amounts of their pensions, the value of their houses and having their savings stolen by Brown's stealth inflation and taxes.

The carnage is everywhere, I have friends who have worked for the same company for over twenty years looking in vain for new employment.

But a thousand miles away there is a paradise island where the occupants have had great pay rises ( ruinously large in the case on many quangocrats and Doctors ), super gold plated pensions which hold the whole country top ransom through the taxation system to allow retirement at ages so young that those in the earth quake zone can only dream of such lavish provision.

But that earthquake has set of an underwater landslide and the tidal wave of debt is running towards this paradise island.

The chief of the island doesn't want to tell the people. He wants to get re-elected about 5 minutes before the tidal wave strikes. Indeed he tells them that paradise and all the lovely subsidies for their life style will continue for ever under his wise leadership. His witch doctor Balls-up runs round telling everyone its only the kitten murdering Tories who think cutrs will be needed.

However some of the islanders have heard what is happening on the radio. Some know he must be lying, others -in Unison - believe the leader could be the great new King MacCanute and stand at the sea shore as the title wave of debt comes in and just order it back in the name of socialism.

Yes the islanders have heard about the recession on the BBC, and worried a little for what they've heard ( but those who are hurt were probably only Tories anyway ).

But the tidal wave is coming what ever they do or say ...... the Tsunami called debt.

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