Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Brown's broadband poll tax

For a number of years Labour has been salivating over the idea of taxing the internet more. So look Brown created the "Broadband poll tax" - starting at only £6/household ( but we remember what happens next as year on year the levy increases far above inflation - at least in England ).

For a shorter period of time Labour has worried about the independent thought that the internet allows. They want to stop free expression, they want to control it all - after all they are socialists. The first step here is the plan to cut people of for file sharing. Once the infrastructure for that's in place it won't be long before they want to regulate and control further - just wait.

The Conservatives should pledge to repeal both measures.

PS Its about time we started drawing up a list of laws imposed under Labour that we need to repeal. Perhaps a great reform act could be passed wiping out the decade of oppression and waste caused by Labour as one of the first acts of a liberating Conservative government.

Update: And guess what ? Scotland is to enjoy being subsidised by English phone poll tax payers !!

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Anonymous said...

This is the thin end of another large, NuLabour tax wedge.

Road taxes aren't spent exclusively on the upkeep of our roads. Extra Cigarette duty isn't spent exclusively on treating smoking diseases in the NHS. Environment taxes aren't spent exclusively on improving our environment. Why should we believe the proposed Phone tax will be spent exclusively on its stated purpose? Because this government says so? Hello?!

Every single law that has been introduced in the past 12 years should be carefully looked at by an incoming Tory government and repealed if it is found to have:

a) raised revenue, squandered elsewhere, and/or
b) unnecessarily curtailed civil liberties, and/or
c) fostered divisions amongst the populus and/or
d) directly contributed to the size of the outgoing government.

The election of NuLabour in 1997 was also the thin end of another large wedge. I feel sick thinking about the gaping wound its removal will eventually reveal, but will rejoice on the day it is finally extracted.

That day can't come soon enough.