Sunday, June 07, 2009

Peter Mandelson is now effectively Prime Minister

Its quite clear that Gordon Brown is a wreck.

But the man now supporting his throne is Grimmer Worm Tongue Peter Mandelson.

The man who has to resign from the cabinet twice and who has sworn loyalty to the European Union is now effectively Prime Minister. It he who saved Brown on Friday. It is perhaps his emails that tell Labour MPs what to say to the media and think ( for those who are capable of independent thought ).

The Labour Cabinet and loyal MPs are now like a massive version of the Stepford Wives with the words of Peter Mandelson coming out in different voices.

The Prince of Darkness now runs our country. Labour are too cowardly do or think anything other than of their own continued umbilical connection to the public purse for another 12 months.

Labour have embraced lying, deceit, spin, bullying. They lie to peoples faces about the financial consequences of their campaign, and about their loyalty to Gordon Brown, just for a few more days in power. Those consequences will be very tough for many people in our country - but those in the Labour party who think for themselves ( very few ) don't care. They have become blind to virtue and honestly and have embraced the evil of the Brown government.

We must fight every day and hour till the general election to defeat the cancer of Labour politics and the men who now control it.

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