Saturday, June 06, 2009

Brown needs saving from himself

Where are the life long friends of Gordon Brown ?

Why haven't they taken him aside and explained its all over ?

Groups of people are now in open revolt against him including:

1) many of his ministers;
2) the electorate ( see local and european election results );
3) political journalists - whom just don't like being lied to directly in press conferences about things they know for a fact to be untrue; and,
4) D-Day veterans who are at least disgusted that Her Majesty's Prime Minister put himself first instead of looking after his sovereign so he could stand next to be beloved Obama one more time.

It may be that Gordon Brown lacks the mental capability to recognise the current situation for what it is, and if so then the situation is cruel.

He should remember he still has a wonderful family and many years to enjoy them, but that his political career is over. He must call a general election and resign.


Kalvis Jansons said...

Tell Mr Brown that we have had enough:

thespecialone said...

He will go soon I hope. Even if he glues himself to a no. 10 chair!