Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Brown moves to protect Labour ministers from freedom of information - whilst talking reform to fool the voters

As always with Labour - you need to watch what the left hand is up to when the right hand is trying to distract you.

Today we had the Mandelson/Brown plan to eat up the media's time before the general election. Its the usual tactical nasty stuff designed to create short term advantage for the ego of one Gordon Brown whilst sacrificing the long term stability and democracy of the country.

So that needs watching right ? ( Ans for those who wonder: Of course it does ).

But in the mean time whilst pretending to extend the freedom of information act to private organisations he doesn't have to pay the bills for Brown just adds that certain Royal and Cabinet minutes would be more clearly protected. ( H/T to someone at the BBC for pointing this out ).

This means that Brown will be safe from freedom of information requests that might land him and his cabinet colleges in the clink in the Hague, or trouble for the other things they have done which we haven't caught them out for yet.

And like the true coward that Brown really is he tried to rap it up as also being part of a move to protect the royal family ( which we know from recent events he has no respect for whatever ).

Brown is shameless, useless and gutless. The sooner he is also unemployed the better.

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