Tuesday, May 12, 2009

How much do you earn ?

That's seen a an intrusive question. And well it is. I've just watched Carrie Gracie (Beeboid news presenter) admits she earns £92,000.

MPs have a headline salary of about £64k, but with allowances and gold plated super safe pensions that's worth well north of £100k ( and they get paid a fraction of it even if they lose their seats at the next election ).

Personally I'm just depressed by all this. The highest I've ever earned must be about £50-55k, and then just for a few years. It miles of the case where trying to run my own company my income is current zero.

The truth of the matter is that if you reduced the salaries of the top paid public servants by 30% they would all still turn up for work tomorrow. For some people its to vocation ( Doctors, Politicians ) for other they over value themselves.

What is certainly true is that I'd rather cut back their salaries than the education of our children or health care.

There is a wider problem here that the state has grown out of control, especially at the high paid side, and now the body of the economy is having trouble providing the resources it so loudly demands. If the country were a human body then the State would be acting like a cancer right now.

It has to stop.

Its time to start talking about radical cut backs at the top.

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Letters From A Tory said...

No BBC presenter needs that much money to turn up to work. What a joke.