Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Be careful what powers you give to government

The lobby groups for protecting copyright are hoping to get the government to take powers to disconnect persistent file sharers.

I see a number of problems with this. Firstly powers given for one reason, especially to this government, tend to get used for other reasons.

Say for example a future government decides to remove internet access to religious groups it doesn't like as they are speaking against its sacred religion of secularism and diversity ? Or perhaps like the ideas of removing driving licenses from offenders its used a civil punishment

Always remeber even if you support the current group of people in power, people you neither like nor trust may be in power eventually and these laws will be available for their use.

Secondly how do they know fully what is being transferred ?

Perhaps a case for throttling upload speed could be made, but the internet has now become a new, but essential pillar of our democracy and society. Planning to cut people off from it seems very dangerous to me.

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