Saturday, March 28, 2009

Is Brown planning to boost housing debt just as interest rates may have to rise to save his skin ?

The Telegraph has one of those deeply depressing articles today. They report that Gordon Brown just hasn't listened to anyone, least of all Dan Hannan, over the last week.

He's planning on trying to "get the mortgage market going again". Yes its time for more Debt everyone, because it worked so well last time.

Combine that with the warning yesterday that interest rates will have to rise fast and aggressively if inflation gets worse than it is ( and remember it is still way over target with major inflationary events yet to work their way through - you can't trust what you hear from the Beeb on economic, they are just too desperate to keep Labour in power.)

What should start to worry all of us is the constant talk about the housing market and consumer confidence. When did we ever learn to accept that those where the main indicators of a healthy economy.

What about the balance of trade and the national debt. The Daily Mail yesterday had a truly frightening projection of the national debt under Brown.

I've called for criminal prosecution of key ministers for what they are doing, and I'll do so again. We should try to prove they are acting in personal and party interest and not national interest. And then put them in cells to reflect on the lies they told and mysery they have inflicted.

PS Man in a Shed is reading up on Peter Schiff these days, and is trying to recall his 'O' level economics. I have a fealing that we are being decieeved about the long term consequences of government actions and our current state of true wellbeing again, and I'd like to be able to express it.

Update Or to put it another way see the Cartoon here.


Thud said...

I havn't a bloody clue whats happening or what to do for the best...does anybody?

Man in a Shed said...

@Thud - Well yes - see what the pension fund of the staff at the Bank of England is doing ....

I'm reading up on my Economics right now, and I am beginning to come to the conclusion that a lot of our wealth is being confiscated from us by stealth by the control of the money supply carried out by the government.