Wednesday, March 11, 2009

How long before Brown subverts and steals private pension schemes also ?

It can't be long now. It will of course not be described as what its is. Something on the lines of the government has added the innovation for pension scheme to invest of the safe haven of government debt. But it will mean Brown gorging himself on the last remaining supply of cash in the private sector.

The Conservatives need to take radical action now to stop him.

My suggestion is this:

To state that beyond June 09 a future Conservative government will not honour debt taken out by the Labour government, unless a general election is called.

This can be justified as by no stretch of anyone's imagination does Brown have a democratic mandate for the enslavement of the nation that he is busy arranging now.

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Unknown said...

I'd support that policy. Because if Brown is allowed to continue with his debt enslavement policies we are likely to be forced into default anyway some years further down the line.

Best to be upfront about it.