Thursday, February 12, 2009

More BBC Pravda moments on the new trains

Rejoice, rejoice a British lead consortium is to build the new trains !! Or so the patriotic announcer of the BBC's World at One announced.

But wait - all the high value work is being done in Japan. The Engineering design and manufacture, just some assembly to be done - at a yet undisclosed marginal constituency location, probably to be announced just before a general election.

So this is the rebalancing of the economy Brown, Balls and co bullshit about.

The British based Engineering firm ( but again foreign owned ) lost out.

Still let me add my congratulations to the Japanese on another manufacturing contract. Selling trains back to the UK, the country that invented them.

The BBC must investigate why it allows such abject political bias to be broadcast. Surely its time some editors were sacked for political bias.

Further This has bothered Iain Dale also, who has posted twice on this here and here and points to the post of LobbyDog who shows that the headline job numbers are highly suspect and the usual Labour spin, the new jobs really being measured in hundreds.

Again we all have to kick ourselves if we believe a single word uttered by the Labour spin and disinformation machine. Don't believe me -see the row about Dolly's CV here ( if you've missed it then you really should have a look ).

Update Looks like the BBC has finally woken up, but of course Labour have had the headlines they wanted.

Also Bob Laxton, Labour MP for Derby North "This is a crass decision which gives the Japanese an opportunity of getting into the UK market. I don't believe for one moment the figure of 12,500 jobs because work will be brought into the United Kingdom from overseas."


Bill Quango MP said...

They have changed their story now.. beginning to question the statement, especially the highly dubious 12,000 jobs quote.

Why is it the blog world seems to be able to see through a press release way ahead of the MSM?

You started questioning the story just from hearing it, and having a "that doesn't sound right? " moment.

Think how bloggers with engineering and rail network experience or employment law, tendering experience responded to the details.

Somehow, the web should be the Premier call for the BBC etc, rather than an after thought once the emails start ARRIVING.

Man in a Shed said...

I have to say they hadn't improved their coverage by the time of R4's PM programme.

The problem with the BBC is its culturally left wing and arts based, but its thinks its middle of the road.

I just heard a BBC news reader refer to Geert Wilders and "The Right Wing politician" - as of course "Right wing" is beyond the pale for them.

The BBC is a real problem for our democracy and will have to be dealt with at some point in the future.

Anonymous said...

Theres a new book out, with loads of contributions from old war veterans from WW2, about what they think about the country today. Quite a few mention this sort of thing, about nothing being British made anymore and half the stuff says MADE IN CHINA on it. The books website is