Thursday, February 12, 2009

Is there a killer question lurking in the Westminster under growth ?

We are getting used to some apologies, a series of Bankers ( most of whom we're very pally with Labour, and many ennobled during the Labour Govt ) suddenly becoming hate figures who Gordon Brown is "very angry" with.

But I can hear a rustle in the undergrowth. Its a question. It might be the question. The question that will kill Gordon Brown's premiership as surely as the stake and hammer waiting for it at the next general election will. And it goes like this:

"When was Gordon Brown warned that British banks where running unexceptable risks ?"

There are good reasons to suspect the answer is a few years ago, and if so then Brown must resign also.

PS Yes I know Labour will think of some Spin to get around this, but the public are wise to and tired of their tricks and lies.

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